Learning the Game
Video Learning

Watching these videos will provide a greater understanding of the game of paddle. Executing the advice will take time and practice.

The first six videos were produced by the PPTA. These are first class productions which have helped many individuals fine tune their game. The more you watch them, the more you will get out of them. They not only discuss technique but let you know what the top players are thinking during different scenarios.

The Service Return:


The Volley:

The Overhead:

The Blitz:

The Drop Shot:

How to practice:

The following videos were found on both the APTA and YouTube. They feature Peter Berka, Director of Platform Tennis at Sunset Ridge Country Club, Northfield IL.

Playing the Corner:

Volley Strategies:

Commentary of tournament play and strategy.

Good example of points played also found on youtube.com.

An introducton to the game of paddle.

For additional instruction and insight, regardless of your ability check out the tips page at paddlepro.com  or the instructional site PaddleCamp.com.
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